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Rogue Genes

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From the moment nurse Marge McConachie laid eyes on the one-day old baby boy, abandoned at the hospital where she worked, she knew he was meant to be hers. 

Marge and her husband Joe had been hoping to adopt a child, and, after pulling a few strings, the baby was put in their care. They named him Tommy in honour of Joe's father. 

Following Joe's untimely death, Marge was forced to raise the rebellious Tommy on her own. A couple of stints in a boy's detention centre are followed by a term in the army, where after graduating to the Special Service, Tommy finally returns home a somewhat damaged and reluctant hero. 

Eventually meeting the girl of his dreams, Tommy's life is then shattered by the death of his beloved Marge; an event that sets him on a path to find his biological mother. His journey is littered with bizarre coincidences, and acts of evil, which leave Tommy determined to avenge the sins of the past. 

Some families have a member with a Rogue Gene, but in this family, it was part of their DNA. 



I have just read Rogue Genes and what can I say, it was a hoot. Very enjoyable read that had me sucked in by the third, forth page and couldn't put it down. I had it all read in two days. Eagerly awaiting a follow up book by this writer.

Nick Valente 


I was lucky enough to get to read a pre-published version of Rogue Genes and it gripped me right from the start all the way through the thriller journey it takes you on.


The characters grow on you and you can’t wait to read the next chapter, also a good ending for once.


Well done Jardine – Nice Read!!

Mike Shawcross


I read Rogue Genes and loved loved loved it right from the very first page. I couldn’t put it down it was so exciting,

Though I wanted to know what happens in the end, I also didn’t want it to end.

Awesome read 😊. 




About Jardine Henry Hart

Hi, my name is Jardine and I always knew that one day I would write a book – maybe a few books. It was just a matter of when.

That moment presented itself in the shape of a dream or, more accurately, a nightmare. Strangely enough, the completed work ended up bearing no resemblance to the terrifying events of that night, but at least they got the ball rolling. 

I must confess, I was never an avid reader. The reason being that I never wanted to have someone else's story buried in my sub-conscious, only to be revealed one day, unintentionally, as my own work. I wanted the story to be mine, and I have achieved that. My second confession is that I never really wrote the book – it wrote me! Nearly every day for two years, I would sit and gaze at the computer screen, without the slightest notion of what I was going to write. And then bingo! The story would present itself, and I can honestly say it continued this way until the end. They say you shouldn't write a book for fame or fortune, but because you have a 'yarn' to tell, so I really hope you enjoy my yarn.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my beautiful wife, Di, for adding her S.P.E.L.L. – Support, Patience, Encouragement, Lunches and Love. Without her, nothing happens. Also, thank you to my family and close friends Michelle, Mike, Nick, Nicky, Rita, Tim and Tina who read my book. I was overwhelmed by their response. Not only was their positive feedback extremely rewarding, it left me feeling completely humbled and determined to share my 'yarn' with the rest of the world.





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