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I was lucky enough to get to read a pre-published version of Rogue Genes and it gripped me right from the start all the way through the thriller journey it takes you on.


The characters grow on you and you can’t wait to read the next chapter, also a good ending for once.


Well done Jardine – Nice Read!!

Mike Shawcross


I have just read Rogue Genes and what can I say, it was a hoot. Very enjoyable read that had me sucked in by the third, forth page and couldn't put it down. I had it all read in two days. Eagerly awaiting a follow up book by this writer.

Nick Valente 


I read Rogue Genes and loved loved loved it right from the very first page. I couldn’t put it down it was so exciting,

Though I wanted to know what happens in the end, I also didn’t want it to end.

Awesome read 😊. 



A great read - an unpredictable story full of twists and turns. I couldn't put it down!



I started reading Rogue Genes without any real idea of what to expect, but I became hooked relatively quickly! I found myself thinking about the characters and the storyline driving to work. I really enjoyed the pace of the writing. The author keeps the reader's interest page after page and I was totally engaged right until the end. I have found that the characters and the storyline have stayed with me too. Congratulations Jardine on such a powerful debut novel. A great read!

Jan Jervis


It's a great read, couldn't put it down, read it in 5 days and that's a record for me. Can't wait for the next one. 

Jane Mills


Didn't want this book to end, it's a bloody ripper. So many emotions. Just wanted more. A must read.

Chris Langley


Really enjoyed your book, couldn't put it down till I finished it. Anymore coming? Loved the characters.

Vicky Coleman


I thoroughly enjoyed reading Rogue Genes. The story flowed from beginning to end and made me want to keep reading more and more. I'm an avid reader and I feel it was touching ,clever and certainly funny. Well done Jardine. Look forward to your next book. 

Gabi Middlemiss


As an avid reader I picked up Rogue Genes to skim over, however by the end of the first chapter I was compelled to keep reading. A rollicking great yarn that has twists and turns until the end, that comes too soon. Look forward to the next instalment.

Mark Benstead


Great read Jardine Henry Hart, look forward to more engrossing stories.

Cheryl Sykes


Loved the book, well done, couldn't put it down. Also felt chuffed that a character had Curtis as their surname. You should be very proud of yourself!


I loved the book and it's characters - even the ones that are rough around the edges. I read the book in a few days as I couldn't put it down. My Dad even read it, and that's the first book he has read in 20 years. Well done.

Gemma Curtis


Rogue Genes is an entertaining novel by an unknown author, Jardine Henry Hart, who's first attempt at writing is well worth reading. It is a gripping story that I found hard to put down, in an Australian flavor of Lee Childs and Jack Reacher.

Gordon Douglas




I bought the book Rogue Genes and I got it yesterday - read it in few hours - loved it x

Great book, amazing mystery & intriguing twist & turn story!! A new author! Have to say worth reading 9/10. 

Chris Pelling


Sex. Violence. Drugs ... Love. Hate. Revenge ... Intrigue. Mystery ... The perfect recipe for a book. Wherever you think this story is taking you be prepared to be flipped over and taken in a new direction. Don't even try to predict what will happen next ... As I was reading I had to remind myself who was the author ... Michael Connelly ... Ian Rankin ... Adrian McKinty or Michael Robotham ... No some author I have never heard of has got me hooked. Like many of the other reviews it was exciting, intriguing and disappointing when it had to end. 

James Davitt


What a fantastic book.From the moment I picked it up I was hooked. I hope they make it into a movie.

Clayton Burgess


  Congratulations Jardine Henry Hart. Rogue Genes is a very engaging read. I thoroughly enjoyed it, in fact, I couldn't put it down...so I didn't! That being said,when can we expect a sequel?

Elaine Upson


I have to admit I have not been an avid reader in the past. That was until I read Rogue Genes. It had me enthralled by the witty story line,the intertwined characters in Tommy's life. I found myself looking forward to the end of the work day so I could read my book. Thank you for igniting my passion for reading. I highly recommend Rogue Genes,and it would make a great summer read or Xmas gift to a friend or loved one. 10 out of 10. Looking forward to the sequel book.

Lorraine Parke


This book to me, an elderly lady of 82 yrs, was just magic to read, and I could easily envisage having known every person written about. I defy anybody to put it down once you start to read. So realistic and life like, I was totally enthralled the entire time. Simply wonderful relaxation for any reader who loves a good yarn.

Rae Rider


I love a book that I continue to think about days after putting it down. Rogue Genes is a great read, combining romance with action and suspense. Superbly written, a great story with characters that draw you in. Where has this author been hiding.

Jasmine Pyke


I have read Rogue Genes and really loved it. It kept me enthralled and I could not put it down.

Looking forward to a follow up.



"A brilliant debut from this author- a great storyline and vivid charecters-looking forward to the sequel to see how and where life takes them, -so get writing Jardine Henry Hart.

Joy Beck


Hi, my name is Gerry Lambert, and I have just read the novel Rogue Genes. As an avid reader I would have to say that Rogue Genes is the best novel I have read, by a first time author. Jardine Henry Hart has made a cracking debut, with interesting characters and a griping central story line. I found the book hard to put down, and looked forward to my nightly read. Tommy Mcconachie is both flawed and likable, and someone you would like to know in real life. I look forward to a sequel.

Gerry Lambert


Rogue Genes is an ingenious piece of writing. It captivated me from the beginning and had me on the edge of my seat throughout. A little bit of something for everyone. A highly recommended and enjoyable read.

Alicia Doer


As an avid reader and fan of James Patterson's thrillers, I found Jardine Henry Hart's Rogue Genes to be spellbinding and one of the rare books that kept me up till 1am. It was well written and held me in suspense til the very end. I can't wait for his next book.

Brenda Gerovich


A free flowing thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat whilst exploring the boundaries of love, friendship, loyalty and revenge."

Lachlan Henningsen


Rogue Genes, by Jardine Henry Hart tells the tale of Tommy McConachie. Abandoned at birth as a one day old baby at the hospital, he was adopted by nurse Marge and her husband Joe. After her husband died suddenly Marge found herself raising Tommy all alone. As he became a teenager he began to rebel and after spending time in a boy’s detention center he joined the army. After serving time in the Special Service Tommy returned home, but his time in the army had left its impact. When his beloved mother passes away he is intent on seeking revenge.

This book is filled with all things a suspense novel should have; action, suspense, anxiety, surprise, anticipation and of course plot twists.


Literary Titan